Monday, 14 May 2012

Virgin Post

So, after years of being told I MUST start my own blog, here it! As this is my first ever post I thought I would list the things that do it for me, that will be written about and featured here in the future...
Fat/Old/Mad Ladies. The grotesque, the disgusting, the anti-aesthetic and the ugly. George Bataille and the Informe. Dada and Surrealism. The kitsch and the crass. Silent Cinema. Czech New Wave. Experimental Cinema: black and white, no dialogue please, just snow and destitution. Andrea Dworkin and Angela Carter. Czech Literature, the Rain and Prague, Prostitutes and Mothers. The choreographed ungendered dances of Wayne McGregor,  Hofesh Shechter and Yvonne Rainer. (In-the-closet) Victorian Photography. Hammer Horror and Victorian Gothic. Roman Polanski (god forgive me but I'm too old for him now). Merleau-Ponty and the Marquis de Sade. The Books of Leonora Carrington and Unica Zürn. The Uncanny and the Sublime.

And for jollies, below the fold is a (slightly NSFW) photograph from the Figure Module Series by Jacqueline Hayden:

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