Saturday, 11 August 2012

Documentary/Non Fiction Films, Top Thirty

As my own "top films of all time" LIST got so long, I had to divide it up; so here's just the documentary/non fiction selection (excluding short films) top 30 in random order:

Grey Gardens,
Albert and David Maysles

Bill Morrison

Robinson in Space,
Patrick Keiller

The Great White Silence
Herbert Ponting,

Louise Bourgeois:
The Spider, the Mistress and
the Tangerine,
Marion Cajori

Paris is Burning
Jennie Livingstone

(After Sebald)
Grant Gee

The Alcohol Years
Carol Morley

Nitrate Kisses
Barbara Hammer

The Nine Muses
John Akomfrah

The Celluloid
Rob Epstein

In Bed With
Alek Keshishian

The Pervert's
Guide To
Sophie Fiennes

London Orbital,
Chris Petit

Metallica: Some
Kind of Monster,
Jo Berlinger

Roman Polanski:
Wanted and Desired,
Marina Zenovich

In The Mirror of
Maya Deren,
Martina Kudlácek

Jack Smith: The
Destruction of
Mary Jordon

Tender Fictions,
Barbara Hammer

San Soleil,
Chris Marker

Man With The
Movie Camera,
Dziga Vertov

The Thin Blue
Errol Morris

People on
Robert Siodmak

Klaus Kinski:
My Best Friend,
Werner Herzog

F For Fake,
Orson Welles

Matthew Barney: No Restraint, Allison Chernick

The Gleaners
and I,
Agnes Varda

Le Quattro
Michelangelo Frammartino

Way of
The Morris,
Tim Plester

Lyrical Nitrate,
Peter Delpeut

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