Saturday, 23 March 2013

A Cabinet of Curiosities, New Picture Blog: Monstrous Beauties!

New tumblr exclusively for images, come and feast your eyes at Monstrous Beauties. Will be regularly posting curios such as: film stills from silent cinema, experimental cinema, German expressionism, Hammer horror, Czech new wave, Dada, Surrealism, dance, fashion, landscapes of forests, mountains, rivers, snow, ruined Hollywood mansions, castles and asylums. Themes of the grotesque, monstrous, disgusting, anti-aesthetic, ugly, uncanny, sublime, Informe, kitsch and the crass. Victorian photography, the Gothic, costumes, old ladies, femme-fatales, as well as books I like, décor and musical personae that tickle the fancies etc, etc ad nauseum..The Red Deeps will remain a writing blog, but for a cornucopia of visual joys - head over here! 

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