Saturday, 20 April 2013

Working-Class Women and Education: Rhian E. Jones Clampdown: Pop-Culture Wars on Class and Gender

To better illustrate my thoughts from the previous post Identifying with Rita, "Passing/Out: Thoughts on Split Class Subjectivity", here's an abstract from Rhian E. Jones' great new book Clampdown that expresses these ideas much more eloquently than I did:
The “chav”, crucially, is presented as uneducated and often hostile to the idea of education, negating the possibility of self-improvement. But the idea that there are no grey areas, no available identities, between the volubly Vicky Pollard and the empowered and educated middle-class feminist leads to the double-bind whereby political engagement and consciousness raising is seen as automatically conferring class privilege and upward mobility upon an individual, thereby baring them from identifying with or being categorised as “working-class”. Not only do many university-educated feminists come from working-class backgrounds, but working-class feminists form part of the long line of working-class autodidacts whose attraction to ideologies of emancipation partly results from the desire to articulate and analyse their own experience. (Jones, 2013)

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